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Learn Modern Strategies on
How To Export 
'Without Investment'

Using Nand Jee Singh's
'3S' Export Formula

Start Export 'Without Investment' with 3X Speed by

 Join 5-Day 
Export Challenge Workshop 


Register Now & Get 3 Bonuses 

Worth Rs. 46,997/- For Free

(Export Accelerator Kit for Immediate Start & Making Profits)

Bonus 1 Worth Rs. 35999
Bonus 2 Worth Rs. 6999
Bonus 3 Worth Rs. 3999

How Does '3S' Export Formula Help You?

Get Complete Knowledge of Export in 5 Days

Find Real Foreign Buyers in Few Hours

Start Export Without Investment

No Need to Own Factory/Warehouse

Buy from Any Country & Sell Everywhere

Find Profitable Products & Markets

15th Dec to 19th Dec 2023

7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Daily for 5 Days)


Business Owners Trained


Live Sessions Taken

Quality Export Training by India's One of Top 10 Export & Import Consultant 

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Are You Facing Any of These Challenges?

Feeling Stuck in
Single Market?

Are You Experiencing a Lack of Sales in the Domestic Market for a Long Time? Is the domestic market holding back your business?

Struggling for Profits?

Are You Struggling to Make Good Profits & You Are Uncertain How to Improve Your Business Financial Health?


Facing Trouble to Find Profitable Products?

Are You Unable to Properly Evaluate Potential Export Products to Ensure Their Market Viability and Profitability?


Unable to Find Overseas Target Markets?

Are You Feeling Lost in a Maze of Sales Options, Unsure of Where to Start or How to Prioritize Your Efforts to Reach Sales Destinations?

Stuck in Pricing Strategies?

Are You Struggling to Find the Right Prices for Your Export Products, Which Might Be Hindering Your Ability to Secure Export Orders?

Trouble Finding Genuine International Buyers?

Are You Finding it Challenging to Reach Authentic Overseas Buyers? Are Genuine Foreign Buyers Out of Reach for You?

Shipping Problem?

Are You Struggling with High Shipping Costs That Are Affecting Profitability & Also Facing Difficulties in Ensuring the Safe, Secure & Optimized Transportation of Your Products to International Markets? 

Export Documentation Problems?

Do You Know an Error in Export Documents May Be a Reason for Huge Business Loss? Are You Facing Challenges with Completing Accurate Export Documentation?

Facing Trouble in Securing Export Payment?

Are You Encountering Difficulties in Guaranteeing that You Will Receive Payments for Your Exported Goods in a Timely & Secure Manner?

Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: Rs. 9,999/- 

What Will You Learn In These 5 Days?

5 Days, Complete Knowledge & 10 Simple Challenges to Achieve Massive Results
from Export Business 

Day 1

Smiling Person Standing In Front Of Container Yard

Understand you Foreign Trade & Get Ready for It.

Licensing Simplified

Types of Export & Your Best Selection

Export Challenge DAY 1

Day 2

Pool Supply

Uncover High-Yield Export Items

Discover Your Ideal Customer Base

Master the Art of Crafting International Marketing Strategies

Export Challenge DAY 2

Day 3

Shopping Spree

Proven Strategies to Discover Foreign Buyers

Mastering Export Deal Cracker Negotiation

Global Sales Partnership

Export Challenge DAY 3

Day 4


Cross Border Delivery Terms

Crafting Export Price

Speak World Language &  Crack Export Deal

Export Challenge DAY 4

Day 5

Container Ship

Mastering Documentation & Letter of Credit

Releasing First Shipment

Payment Methods and Securing Export Payments & Transactions 

Export Challenge DAY 5

Meet Your Coach


I will be your coach for 5 Days 


India's one of Top 10 Export Import Consultant. CII Certified, World Bank Appreciated, FIEO & Corporate Trainer. Trained 3000+ Corporate Persons

Professional Export Coaching with Me: Rated 4.6


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Why Should You Join This
5 Days Export Success Challenge Workshop? 


Learn Modern Piggyback Strategy to Start with Zero Investment

No need of Huge Investment

No need to establish factory

Start export with No Investment  

Setting-Up Scalable Export Business 

Find right products & new markets

Discover right market entry strategies

Find real foreign buyers by own

International sales agreement: Know ins & outs

Export Scalability.png
Export Growth Foundation.png

Less Theory, More Practical Knowledge - Focus on Your Business Growth

Licensing made easy, do it by own

Essential documentation, LC & Incoterms

Foreign Trade Policy - Export Incentives

No payment of GST for Export 

Risk & Fraud Management

Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: Rs. 9,999/- 

Participant's Verdicts

  • The Trainer has was knowledge about topics - Excellent
  • Participation and interaction were encouraged - Excellent
  • The training experience will be useful in my work - Yes

"Indeed, the entire session was valuable with great insights that will help the businessmen or employees to learn and expand their knowledge and skills in Export Import lifecycle journey. "

Aseeim Ratan


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Awards & Recognitions

World Bank Certificate of Appreciation_1.jpg
MSME Congress Spearker Award_edited.png

Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: Rs. 9,999/- 

What Will Change in Your
Current Business? 

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Who Will Benefit The Most From This Workshop?

This Workshop is
Exclusively Designed for

Business Owners



Home Makers

Don't Join If

You Have No Interest in Increasing Sales in Foreign Countries

You Are Not An Action Taker

You Are Not Serious to Safeguard Your Business Against Recession

Still Need Proof!
Hear From Those I've Worked With

Visual Stories

Regular Price: Rs. 9999/- 

Reserve your seat now and get bonuses worth Rs. 46,997/-

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  • Where can I find the link for attending the program?
    Upon purchasing the program, you will be redirected to join the WhatsApp group. You will receive joining link in this group as well as your registered email. We recommend registering with your mobile number that is on WhatsApp. Note: It’s a good idea to check your spam and promotions tabs to see if the email was accidentally filtered there.
  • How do I get the bonus items?
    After completing the program, all bonuses including Foreign Buyers Contact Details, 26 Weeks Export Plan Workbook, and joining details to Telegram VIP Private Group will be provided on your email ID or on WhatsApp. Please note, all these bonuses will be available only after you participate and finish the workshop.
  • Will I get the recordings of the program?
    As its LIVE session, we don’t share recordings.
  • Who is this program best suited for?
    Only Business Owners, Traders, Manufacturers & Home Makers who are committed to start their own export and import businesses. These programs are designed how to start an export business and take it at next level.
  • What is the reason for scheduling the training during r