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Member Code of Condut

Participation in the webpage or any other webpage of EXIM Clinic that is required sign up (‘Member's Dedicated Webpages’) is governed by EXIM Clinic. In the case of participation in the webpage, the following code of conduct ("Code of Conduct") shall also apply. Suppose YOU participate to use this webpage of any such webpages in any way, in that case, your participation will be deemed to be your acceptance of the Standards Process, charter and the Code of Conduct, together referred to as "The Rules of Access to Member’s Webpage". If you do not accept The Rules of Access to Member’s Webpage, please DO NOT PARTICIPATE further in any web page of the EXIM Clinic, and notify EXIM Clinic at of such non-acceptance.

When using the ‘Member's Dedicated Webpages’ please follow these rules:

Code of Conduct

For using Member's Dedicated Webpages:-

  1. The resources are available to approved members. Don't exchange your login credential with any other person.

  2. After sign up at this webpage, the individuals will submit the purchase evidence of “The Intelligent Exporter” book or any other purchases through e-mail service to Without submitting purchase proof, EXIM Clinic will not approve the access of Member's Dedicated Webpages.

  3. EXIM Resources and other information are meant only for approved members. Therefore, the circulation of these resources or information to any non-approved members is strictly prohibited.

  4. If you find any wrong/incorrect information in the given resources, kindly notify it immediately to EXIM Clinic at

If an individual of a member organization violates the Rules, the following steps may be taken by the EXIM Clinic, as appropriate:

Breach of Code of Conduct / Charter

  1. Verbal and written warning regarding behavior – to the individual and the member organization represented by such individuals.

  2. Suspension of the individual's rights to participate in Member's Dedicated Webpages, for a period of six (6) months

  3. Afer six (6) months, and upon written request received from the suspended individual, the login will be re-approved.

A second suspension by the same individual will result in permanent suspension of the individual.

Process for Appeal

In the event that the individual in breach wishes to appeal against the sanction decided upon by the EXIM Clinic, Membership and Events – such individual shall, within 7 working days, submit a written appeal (e-mail is acceptable) containing the reasons for appeal to the CEO ( of EXIM Clinic for consideration. In the event of such appeal, the CEO shall reject or accept the appeal and confirm, amend, or lift any sanction previously imposed.

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