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Specialised Services

EXIM Clinic offers a comprehensive array of export import services to help businesses succeed in a competitive international marketplace. Our wide range of services include tailor-made professionally designed trainings, customized solutions to corporates of all sizes, and specialised certifications. With EXIM Clinic, you can be sure to find the solutions you need to expand and succeed in the export-import industry.


A practical and effective program that focuses on helping Small Businesses achieve measurable results in exporting.

Exim gameplan

It is a Strategic Document that outlines your company's goals for export and import trade. It includes an assessment of your current business capabilities, an analysis of your processes & procedures, target markets, and a roadmap for achieving your goals.

verified victory

Specialised Certificates help companies to comply with industry regulations, gain access to new markets, and increase their sales and profits. We have different types of specialised certifications covering a wide range of industries and disciplines.

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