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Discover How to Grow Business & Profits in Foreign Markets

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Blueprint To Get Success in Export Business 

Are you struggling to find a fair and right solution to grow your business in overseas markets and maximize business profits?

You landed at the right place! Many have benefited from this program. This program is designed to deliver guaranteed results with a proven and effective export business blueprint by which one can build a successful and profitable export business. 

Discover your export business skill to a Whole New Level. Book your seat now.

Program Fee: INR 14650/-

Duration: 3 Hours

Eligibility Criteria: Any person can take this program.

Certification: When you finish the program, you can earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network, after taking the online tests. No extra payment for Examination/ Certification fees will be charged.

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Export Business Freedom Challenge Workshop

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Export Accelerator Masterclass (EXAM)

It is an intensive program to succeed in the export business. No matter what product you trade-in, this masterclass is equipped with the most powerful tools that will help you maximize your sales in the target foreign countries. After successful completion of the program and following the instructions in the workbook, you will surely be able to take your international trading skills to a Whole New Level.

This program is professionally designed by industry experts where you learn the most powerful techniques and strategies needed to do international business that are used by big corporates to generate more sales and higher profits.

Are you ready to learn all the powerful techniques and strategies that big companies use to make millions of dollars? Say yes and book your seat now.

Program Fee: INR 28,999/-

Duration: 3 Full Days

Eligibility Criteria: Any person can take this program.

Certification: When you finish every module of this program, you can earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network, after taking the online tests. No extra payment for Examination/ Certification fees will be charged.

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Mastery In Foreign Trade by FTTI

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Super Power Export Business Accelerator Master Workshops

Foreign Trade Training Institute (FTTI) is a skill set of EXIM Clinic™, where FTTI provides comprehensive practical knowledge of international trade through a series of workshops on strategically designed foreign trade topics. The workshops are practically designed in such a way to provide you with step by step training on all the techniques, strategies, processes that can guarantee to take your export business to the next level.

This program is very effective to identify the real status of your current business. This program also gives you the insights by which you can get a significant increase in sales and profit margin.

FTTI offers a dedicated long term training program where you will not only learn how to grow your export business exponentially but you will also learn how to run a business without involving yourself in day to day activities. This program ensures that if you go on vacation, your business does not go on vacation with you, but runs smoothly and earns more.

Program Fee: INR 38,999/-

Duration: 5 Weeks

Eligibility Criteria: Any person can take this program.

Certification: When you finish every module of this program, you can earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network, after taking the online tests. No extra payment for Examination/ Certification fees will be charged.

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Course Benefits

There are many types of export-import businesses. After this course, you are in a position to decide to choose a Suitable Export-Import Business.

A business is nothing without Buyers. Learn several tools on how to find and connect with Foreign Buyers.

A business is based on its product. This program guides you to find Profitable Products & Target Foreign Markets to Sell.

The winning game in export business is to Calculate Start-up Costs, Product Pricing, and Saving Import Duties. We guide you Step-by-Step on how to do it.

A Small Error can Ruin your business/career. Learn Error-Free Export-Import Documentation, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, and Legal Compliances Management.

Failing to get paid on time is a major reason for business failure. In exports, there is a huge potential for loss of payment. We teach best ways to Secure Export Payments, Export Supplies, and Supplies against Advance Payment to suppliers, and many other tips and tricks.

It has been observed that foreign buyers Do Not Entertain the e-mails which are written only to Emphasize the Sale. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to make an international level communication and sales agreement successful. We have created several sample letter/e-mail templates specifically for your international business success.

Controlling and measuring growth are the important key factors for any business success. Learn with us how to track export business growth for all 8 business's pillars.

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Guaranteed Benefits

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Looking to develop your business but not sure whom to sell? Need help to get importer's directory. Let us help you. After completion of the course, you can download the contact details of thousands of overseas buyers from any one region in (1) the USA and Canada (2) or Europe (3) or South East Asia. What a great deal! You can save thousands of bucks.


Wow! What a deal. Post-training you will receive a one-year membership subscription to "Super-Intelligent Exporter Club". Here you will meet likewise minded people. You will get large size Foreign Companies LinkedIn contact details for many Products & Services from many countries. Additionally, you can download many templates, document formats and reports to manage the export-import business. You will get a market entry strategy of products for Europe and other countries.


Post-course you will get 30 days of free support to solve your general queries*. Our expert will solve your queries over the phone or through email service. Nothing best than this support.

The Team

Behind Your Success

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Nand Jee Singh

Senior Business Advisor & Trainer

Since joining our team, Nand Jee Singh has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. Their exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth. He is an author of "The Intelligent Exporter", an international business coach and recognised as one of India's top 10 export-import consultants 2021 by Industry Outlook.


Seema Singh

Small Business Consultant

Seema Singh is one of our senior professionals, with an eye for what makes a business succeed. With years in the business, Seema Singh has seen it all - and is ready to lead you on the path to success.

Business Meeting

Operations & Compliance Experts

Front Operations & Compliances

After a thriving career in several different professions, EXIM Clinic is pleased to welcome industry experts to its panel. As motivated, results-oriented collaborators, they have helped make us who we are today.


About The Trainer

He is World Bank Recognized, CII Certified SCM Professional and the Author of "The Intelligent Exporter". He has Solutions for Your Business Success.

The EXIM Clinic story starts back in January 2011, when Nand Jee Singh - International Business Coach, Mentor, and the founder and CEO of this company, was searching for a good salary paid job. During this job search, he encountered many companies. Some were established and performing well, some were started and trying to reach the peak, while some were about to start.

One day, during the interview session he has been asked to validate a very simple task, the company has already done. This task was so simple and generally does not ask to perform to do during the interview session. While answering he gone through the facts and findings, and then he got the catch. Actually, this was not a task to do, it was a mistake done by the company management and they already got a big loss hit. Now they wanted to check how a new person would handle the same task. He then guessed that very few people knew how to do export and import correctly. He tried and got more information about this mistake and found that the management did not even know the basics of doing international business.

Afterwards, he did some research and found that many of the companies were lacking to perform well in international business. Some were closed due to not knowing the simple jobs of international business.

This was the day when he founded the EXIM Clinic (Export-Import Clinic), conducted a thorough study on this subject, and started helping the businesses and persons so that they could make their footprint on the global stage successfully.

He is CII Certified Supply Chain Management Professional having 20 years plus experience in foreign business. He is recognized as India's one of the top 10 export-import consultants by Industry Outlook. He is a guest speaker of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO). He has done several workshops on various niche foreign business subjects. He personally coaches top Indian corporates on export-import subjects. He is an author of "The Intelligent Exporter", Amazon Best Selling Book in Export Import Books category.


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Course Topics

(Mix Language English & Hindi)

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Foreign Trade - An Understanding

Success depends on the clarity of the export-import business. Also, learn about the types of export-import business that can be done internationally.

Business Set-up Cost Analysis

This is the most important part of an international business that a person must know before starting. we will tell what are the basic requirements to start trading business with foreign countries and what will be the likely cost.

How to Find Winning Products

'Choosing a Product' is like 'Choosing Life Partner'. Learn with us how to find a profitable & winning product for foreign trade business.

Foreign Market Entry Strategy

The big question is "Where to Sell"? We help you to Identify the Foreign Target Markets for your selected product.

Find Foreign Buyers

A business is exactly the same without a customer as a pen is of no use without ink. You'll learn about the world's best ways to find foreign customers and communicate meaningfully with them.

Calculate Competitive Export Pricing

Studies show that cost/pricing ranks number five among the top 20 reasons for startups fail. According to a CB Insights analysis[1] of 101 Startup Polls, 18% of startups failed due to cost and pricing issues. Learn the most comprehensive export pricing methodology with us.

Incoterms & Letter Of Credit (LC)

Who does not want to know the division of transaction costs and responsibilities between seller and buyer during the import/ export process? INCOTERMs defines the above. Although a Letter of Credit gives you a payment guarantee, it is the most dangerous payment tool if it is not used wisely. We teach you how to use INCOTERMs and LC effectively.

First Shipment To Foreign Customer

International trade is an area where international companies face challenges related to cross-border transactions. These challenges can be either commercial, financial, geographic, logistical, operational, and political, or a combination of some of them. We guide you how to learn new skills to face different laws and rules, and sustainable operations management to deal with such challenges.

Error-Free Export Documentation & Logistics

A minor error in the export documents may result in the cancellation of your export order. We guide you on how to create error-free export documents. We also guide you on the most effective and economical methods of international logistics methods for your foreign business success.

Handling Export Problems & Managing Risks

To know the risk is to know the fear of the unknown. We guide you on how to mitigate all kinds of risks involved in the export business. Based on our years of experience and a practical approach, we also guide you through handling various export problems.

How to Protect Payment

Selling abroad is very good, but it also hurts very badly if export bills are not paid. Learn the best ways to secure payment after export sales. Know which government bodies help in the recovery of bad debts against export sales.

Effective Export Marketing Techniques

Most people know that marketing is an advertisement. Don't be a part of this crowd and learn to market your product in foreign markets.

Our programs are professionally designed to provide you maximum benefits.

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