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AEO: A Program for Facilitating Trade and Security

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program is a voluntary program that recognizes companies that have implemented effective supply chain security measures. AEO members receive expedited customs clearance and other benefits, which can help them to improve their competitiveness and security.


In India, the AEO program is administered by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC). The program is open to all businesses, regardless of size or sector. To be eligible for the program, businesses must meet certain security requirements and undergo an audit by the Customs.


There are three levels of AEO membership in India: AEO T1, T2 and T3 and LO for Logistics Operators.  AEO T1 members receive the basic benefits of the program, while AEO T2, T3 and LO members receive additional benefits, such as reduced inspections and the ability to use a simplified documentation process.


The benefits of the AEO program in India include:

  • Expedited customs clearance

  • Reduced inspections

  • Increased cooperation with customs authorities

  • Access to simplified documentation processes

  • Increased market access

  • Enhanced brand reputation


The AEO program is a valuable tool for businesses that are looking to improve their security and competitiveness. The program can help businesses to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and gain access to new markets.


How to Become an AEO in India

To become an AEO in India, businesses must:


  • Apply to the CBIC

  • Complete an audit by the Customs

  • Meet the security requirements of the program

  • Get the certificate

The application process for the AEO program in India is relatively straightforward. Businesses can apply online . The audit process is more in-depth and can take several days to complete.


The security requirements of the AEO program in India are based on the World Customs Organization's (WCO) Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade. The requirements cover a wide range of areas, including:


  • Supply chain security

  • Information security

  • Physical security

  • Human resources security

  • Transportation security

  • Regulatory compliance


Businesses that meet the security requirements of the AEO program in India can demonstrate to customs authorities that they have taken the necessary steps to protect their supply chains from security threats. This can lead to expedited customs clearance and other benefits.


How EXIM Clinic will Assist You to Become an AEO Certified Company

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses obtain AEO certifications, including:

  • Audit preparation and management

  • Documentation and training

  • Compliance assessment

  • Ongoing support

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