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Find Me Foreign Customers

(Special & Highly Personalised Services)

Business Meeting

We Provide Carefully Selected Genuine Companies Contact Details

Buyers are the primary source of income. Without them, the existence of a business cannot be imagined. 

After finding profitable products and target markets, for most new exporters, the biggest issue is how to find and connect with international buyers in the target markets for these products? Specifically how to find genuine international buyers? 

We are here to work hard for you and are obliged to provide you with genuine contact details of overseas customers.

General Industry Practice

Registering at E-commerce Websites by Paying Heavy Membership Fees. Does it serve your purpose?

Large companies rarely post purchase requirements on e-commerce websites. Those who post the requirements on these websites are usually either trading companies or tire kickers. Since the buyer's registration on these websites is free, most of them post their requirements there so that they can get information and insights of the current market.

After that, they try to connect directly with the suppliers to check whether the supplier can produce quality products in large quantities and deliver them on time.

Hence it is important for the exporters not to become part of the crowd and directly approach the genuine buyers in the target countries. Tell them about your company, quality products, certifications, achievements and how you can solve their problems better than others.

We are here ready to help you by providing a list of genuine contact details of real and large companies in 80 countries for 146 industries. We serve all types of businesses; Whether new or established. This service is for companies of all sizes.

We will also guide how to better communicate with international buyers.

Business Conference

How Does Our Service Work?

1) Yes, I need the contact details of the international buyers. What do I have to do to get this service?

You only need to fill the form below and submit it. Please share only one product for each country. You need to fill form again for additional product.

2) How do you customize your services for my requirements?

1) As soon as we receive your request, our experts start working on it.
2) Our experts review your application, if necessary, contact you again for more information.
3) If your application meets our criteria. We will provide you with the genuine contact details of overseas customers for your product otherwise we shall refund your payment within 7 working days.
4) We will take 7 working days and give you the result gauranteed.

3) How many contact details shall I receive?

You will receive at least 20 contact details for each product for each country.

4) What kind of companies would these be?

The contact details of these companies will depend on the industry you have selected and the size of the companies. We suggest that you choose the industry and size of companies carefully.

5) How do I know that EXIM Clinic is the right agency for me?

There are many reasons to believe that we do what we promise to deliver.

1) EXIM Clinic is working in this field since 2011.

2) EXIM Clinic is recognized as one of the top 10 export-import consultants in India by the Industry outlook.

3) Our CEO is CII Certified SCM Pro, appreciated by World Bank, and one of the leading international business coaches who trained more than 2000  people in foreign trade. He is an author of "The Intelligent Exporter" - A book that guides how to do export step-by-step.

4) Through associates EXIM Clinic has a wide network and connections in many countries.

5) We commit to doing this work only when we are sure that it can be done.

6) If you will not be satisfied with our services, we offer a full refund guarantee You will only need to send us an e-mail within 3 days of giving the contact details. Terms & Conditions applied.

6) What will be the format of the contact details?

You will receive the contact details in the below format (tentative) or weblink of businesses.

  1. Company Name

  2. Industry Type

  3. Address

  4. Branch Address, if any

  5. Contact Numbers

  6. E-mail ID

  7. Size of Company

  8. Turnover*

  9. Person Name

  10. Person Role

7) How much will this service cost?

No need to spend thousands and millions for unreliable details. No one can provide such a service at this price at which we are offering such premium details. It will cost you only INR 3500 (Equivalent to USD 47) per product per country.

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